Friday 13 July 2012


Hello lonely blog.

I recently had a picture stolen.  I'm not sure if the person who used it without my permission stole it from my blog, or my flickr photostream.  So, for now, I have disabled right-clicking on my blog.

The worst part of having my picture stolen was that the woman was passing off Hannah as her daughter.

That's so creepy.

And wrong.

Who does that??

This person also stole picture of Gina and her daughter.  If you're on FB, please read Gina's post, and click the FB link to report that crazy person!

Anyway.  Been busy with my class, which is almost over.  *sniff*  It's really been an amazing experience, and I would highly recommend it.  :)

Some eye candy for you:

Style 301 July 6.jpg

Style 301 July 7.jpg

Style 301 July 7.jpg

Style 301 July 9-2.jpg

Style 301 July 10-4.jpg

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  1. Watermark the crap out of your pics, my friend. Just do it. People are crazy.

    If I was one of those freaking insane thieves, I'd grab that black and white sweet belly b. Then I'd put it on fb and claim it as my own. It's that awesome. ;)

  2. So sorry to hear someone stole you picture and was passing her off as her daughter... so sad. I just did a google for 12.5% grey card and was happy to come across your blog and your gorgeous pictures! I am signed up to take Shooting101 on the 30th and your pictures are making me even more excited!

  3. These images are STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!! You are doing great work. As for the right clicking- head on over to my blog- I have all sorts of things in my posts both today & yesterday about it. Some ways around it. I am currently editing all the code for all 750 of my posts to help prevent. Only problem is I know a few ways around all my measures. It's sad & disgusting that we have to go through this. I did see that FB had her take down your image. What irritates me is that their reporting pages for those who don't have an acct are not working. My images are still up & the phone number I call goes to a third party that wants $$ to help me. They give me an email that I send to- which gives me an auto response that sends me back to the pages that are not working. My twitter messages are being ignored. They must know that there is an issue when your image had to be removed- yet they have allowed her account to stay. I'm so frustrated. What is wrong with people & where has their moral compass gone?

    Hugs my friend!

  4. These photos are so adorable.

    I am sorry to hear that someone stole your photo. Including Gina, you are the third person I have read this happened to in the last month. How did you find out?

  5. Amber just let me know that one of my images was stolen, too, and posted on FB by the same woman. That's so creepy!! I'm going to report her right now!! Ipek (Melodi Photography)


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