Monday 7 May 2012

Project 52 - Week 18

What a busy weekend!  It was a dance competition weekend for Ethan and Rebekah.  They did great!  It was Becky's first time performing a solo on stage, and she placed second with 82.8!  Their cheer group got a first with 82.6, and Becky's lyrical quartet got first with 83.7!

And now, on to last week's photos.

First we have symmetry.

My apple tree.  :)


And for My Everyday, the theme was sweet. I couldn't decide between these two:

Helping her sister with her bike.


 then, she {snapped}

Or taking their dollies for a walk.


And just a bonus... I caught the super moon. :)

Super moon.jpg

That's it for this week!  :)

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  1. Wow! Amazing moon shot! I love the sisters photos too, so sweet :)

  2. Super sweet shot.. I adore each one, especially the moon.. The girls shots are soo beautiful and darling! ;)) I have a "motherhood" linky happening that just started as a count down to mother's day and I'd LOVE for you to please share this within if you have a moment.. :)) Found ya via andthenshesnapped - officially a follower with smiles.. I'm Marilyn via Hope you can stop in.. Wishing you a beautiful day..

  3. Okay- 100% impressed that you got the moon with the clouds. They always throw me off- or I eclipse them out altogether when I am shooting that fast. Well done!


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