Saturday 21 April 2012


Bob is here.

Our first lamb born on the farm.  And he's a cutie.  :)

Bob outside.jpg

Meeting the herd for the first time - Bob is just over a day old. :)

Bob outside-2.jpg

Alice the donkey was quite interested in him. She tried stomping on him a few times - she's quite protective of her herd. Which is good... except when she's trying to squish the baby. ;)

Bob outside-3.jpg

His mommy Edna was pretty good at keeping him away from Alice.

Bob outside-4.jpg

It was fun watching him jump and run for the first time. :)

Bob outside-5.jpg

Can't wait for lamb #2 to arrive! :D

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  1. New babies are the best part of Spring. Bob is adorable!!

  2. Bob is SO cute!! And isn't Alice sweet to protect the sheep...hopefully she gets used to the lambs :)

    1. Today is the first day that they've been outside together, and Alice hasn't tried to stomp him. :) I think that means she's finally accepted him! Woot!

  3. Cute overload! So very sweet. ^____^

  4. Oh my, how cute! Bob is absolutely adorable, but I also love Alice. She's such a beautiful donkey. I'm so happy to hear she's stopped 'stomping' on poor little Bob! LOL
    I see your farm is somewhere in Ontario. We live in Georgetown and I love cycling in the countryside around us, so I can enjoy the farms and the animals, especially this time of year.


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