Thursday 8 March 2012

Morning chores

Chores (1 of 11)

Alice greets them with a "HEE HAW!!" every morning.  :)

Chores (2 of 11)

Chores (3 of 11)

Chores (4 of 11)

Chores (5 of 11)

She refused to go outside.

Chores (6 of 11)

Chores (7 of 11)

Chores (8 of 11)

But wait!!

Chores (9 of 11)

She came out!

Chores (10 of 11)

And she's been out with them every day since.  :)

Chores (11 of 11)

And on a different note, yesterday was Ethan's 11th birthday.

Candid (1 of 2)

I think he liked his gift.  ;)

Candid (2 of 2)

Happy 11th Birthday, Ethan nee nee neese!  :)

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  1. What strikes me the most about these pictures. It is March. One is in short sleeves. Have we not had a bizarre winter or what!?

    And Happy Birthday Ethan!

  2. That last one cracks me up! Those calves are so cute...I want morning chores like this!!

  3. What is it about baby cows that make me all squishy inside? So cute!

  4. 11- it happens so fast!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it was a great one!!!!!!


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