Thursday 9 February 2012

The Games.

Have you read about them?

I think I'm one of the last to read this series.

I've seen a lot of talk about it lately - probably because of the movie - and so, figured I'd read them.

Bought the trilogy.

Started the first book about 11 am Tuesday.

Finished the third book at 2:30 am Wednesday.

With breaks for house stuff/three hours for dance.

I could. not. stop.

Best books I've read this year.  :)

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  1. Cool. Bring them Saturday. ;)

  2. I read the first one last week - but I am waiting on Catching Fire to be available at the library for me. Boo.

    1. I was very happy to have all three... hope it comes in for you soon! I'd be going nuts!! ;)

  3. I know so many people that are reading these books. Let me know what you think- I have heard so many great things!

  4. Ahhh, I'd LOVE to read a book! A ME book. Haven't done it in years, LITERALLY. No excuses, though..... you have more kids than I do!! LOL! :-)

    And your "chickie's a model" comment made me bust out laughing!!! Thanks!! :-)


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