Wednesday 25 January 2012

What's up?

Well, it's been busy around here.  I know, I know, I always say that.  ;)

Well, it's true.

I think I started too many things at once.

There's the Shooting 101 course.  (If you haven't taken it, and you are still struggling with White Balance, Metering, Exposure.. run, don't walk, and sign up.  Seriously.  So good.)

We're on Week 3, and I haven't been able to do the Week 2 assignment cause... it's dark.

So very dark.

My house is a cave.

There is no sun.

We seriously have to have lights on ALL. DAY. LONG.

No likey.

I also signed up for the SITS girls course "31 Days to Build a Better Blog."

I had good intentions.

I posted my intro into the forum, followed some other newbies on Twitter... and then fell off the wagon.

It's partly because where I live, there's a dead zone for cell service.  Really.  I looked it up with my carrier, and yep, right where I live, a dead zone.  I'm pretty sure my house was right in the centre of it.

So, it means that I can't use Twitter unless I'm out and about... or on my computer.

And, if I'm on my computer... I am doing other things.  Not much time for Twitter.

So.. it's hard to connect with new bloggy buddies.

It'll happen.


Last week, I also had to clean out every kitchen drawer four times.  Because four different mornings, I woke up to evidence of the rockin' mouse party that had happened in my drawers the night before.


"What??"  I hear you say.  "Don't you have like, four cats?"

Three, actually.  (Well, seven if you count the kitties that stay outside.. but I don't.)

"Well," you say "what's wrong with your stupid cats?"

And the answer is... they are locked in the bathroom at night.

Cause we have no heat in our upstairs.

And we leave our bedroom doors open.

And our cats love us {me}.

And love to sleep on our {my} heads.

I am not a fan of cat hats.

And so, they get locked in the bathroom.

And we {I} sleep cat-free.

We {Jeff} loaded up a trap, and the first night...



Jeff got rid of the critter.

A few moments later...


{seriously?? so gross!}

Jeff got rid of the critter.

And... you guessed it...


{!! How many mice were invited to this party?!?}

And that was all we heard.

It happened once more the next night... and nothing since.

I hope they've learned their lesson.

So, I leave you now with one of my metering test pics from last week.


Only needed to resize and sharpen.

Me likey.  :)

 then, she {snapped}NapTime MomTog



  1. Ahh, the sweet, sweet sound of that SNAP! Much better than mouse parties in the walls and drawers.

  2. Cat hats. XD Totally pictured it.

    Mouse parties are NOT cool. Not cool at all.

  3. Ohhh! Me likey too! That looks awesome Adeena! I always use evaluative metering....but i'm wondering if I should try spot. I also want to look into that Kelvin white balance mumbo jumbo. Ahhhh, so many things to learn & not enough time...

    Love your new header too! xoxo

  4. Love that photo. Beautiful. We have mice too. I hate them! UGH!


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