Friday 20 January 2012

Testing, testing...

So, I signed up for Shooting 101 at Clickin Moms.

I wanted to get all the ins and outs of manual stuck in my head, and this course seemed to be the way to go.

Boy, is it ever!!  I'm learning a lot.  Really.  Even though I've been shooting in Manual for .. two years?!?  One year since I got my T1i.

I've been trying and trying this week to figure out Custom White Balance.  Don't know why, but it's taken SO LONG for it to stick in my brain.

Here's my test shots.  (All photos SOOC except for resizing.  Didn't even sharpen.)

(Oh, and excuse her bored face.  I've roped her/one of her brothers into doing this for me at least a couple times a day this week.  Yep.  I'm just that good.  :P  )

12.5% gray card

CWB - test010

Resulting picture:

CWB - test011

18% gray card

CWB - test012

Resulting picture:

CWB - test013

I think I like the 12.5% gray card better.  Even though Max the bunny has some blown spots on him, Becky's skin is a much nicer colour/brighter.  And, I know that typically Canon's meter better with 12.5% gray, so it's not really surprising.


Can I move on from this assignment now?  ;)  :D


  1. In-camera CWB, yes? Were your settings the same otherwise, because that seems odd. And you know those cards aren't technically 12.5% and 18% because of the way they flop around and... specifically in the first one the way it caught the light and blew almost a quarter of the card out. (Nevermind if you're doing CWB in post)

    Thanks for sharing some of what you're doing in class!

  2. So fun that you are doing this!!! I am looking forward to seeing more of what you are learning. I also agree- I like the 125% better. Well done!!


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