Wednesday 11 January 2012

My girls...

Just for fun.

Cause I'm taking a class, and have to practice.  ;)

And they're adorable.

(Not that I'm biased.)

Truth is truth.

Outside. In the SUN. And +6C degree weather. In mid-January. Craziness.

Jan 10 025-edit

(This one has a little Vanilla Pop action. ;)

(Just because I felt like it.)

Watching a kitty climb her leg.

Jan 10 027-edit

(No Vanilla Pop.)

(A little B&W layer though.)

(I might wish that I had tried a little Vanilla Pop instead.)

She loves baked beans.

Jan 10 004-edit

(I love how sharp her eye is! This one is SOOC - with just slight sharpening for web. Me likey. :D )

NapTime MomTogand
 then, she {snapped}



  1. I love the way her eyes pop... and the baked bean face it too cute!

  2. I love these shots. She is sooo cute.

  3. They're so cute - and I love the vanilla pop action you used!

  4. You know I love these Adeena- they are so cute! (I love that vanilla pop action too)


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