Thursday 17 November 2011

Shoot and Edit - Week 45 Edit

So, I just did a regular edit on my SOOC shot.  I cropped it to 8x10 size, cause I'm going to print this one off.  :)


But when I saw Ashley's tutorial, I wanted to share this one, too.

I totally do cloning.

A lot.

I swap heads all the time.  :D

So, here's the original:

Two kids on the right... looking good.  Two on the left... not so much.

Photo #2:

Two on the left... better.  Two on the right... fail.

So, I combined the two and got this:

Much better, right?

(I know there's space beside Michael that needs to be cropped out, but I haven't decided what size to print this one at, so left it alone for now.  ;)

So, if you've never done head-swapping/cloning, check out Ashley's tutorial.  It really does change a good picture to a great one.  :)  And, I'm going to totally try the mask technique - I usually just erase, but it sounds like there's more control with masking.  Me likey.  :D

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Good to WOW

P.S.  Hello 90+ readers!  Nice to see you.  Stay tuned... I've got a really cool giveaway in the works.  Just in time for all those holiday memories you're making.  ;)  Exciting!


  1. Nicely done with the blending....still love the first shot, but your other edit is awesome.

  2. What seriously fun shots! All of you guys put me to shame with your "re-heading" shots :) I am so completely impressed and way too leery to try myself. Great job.

  3. I LOVE how that turned out- They have the best smiles! I gave this little trick some play time this morning. I think I need a bit more practice though :)

  4. Holy smokes Adeena! That's GOOD! I've tried that before, but my people always end up with like 2 noses or something. Patience is not one of my virtures I guess. I try to rush thru it and it looks awful - LOL!

    AWESOME edit! Where's the littlest gal?! :-)

  5. Beautiful portraits. Charm for me have a look four interesting and very naughty.

  6. Good job with the cloning - the result is really good!


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