Saturday 5 November 2011

Photo Challenge: Favourite from October

This week's challenge at The Paper Mama is "Favourite from October."

Can you guess what my favourite is?

Can you?

I'm sure you can.  ;)


My oldest and my youngest.  She really does love him to bits.  And the feeling is mutual.  ;)

Definitely my favourite.

Check out more great pic's at Chelsey's.

The Paper Mama



  1. Those crazy-blue EYES. Amazing. And I love how her fingers are nearly locked around her big brother's neck. She's hanging on, because she loves him. Such a great picture!!!!

  2. Oh course- I would have picked this one too! SO CUTE!!!!!

  3. Hi! Nice to "meet" you! Just found you through a search for Canadian homeschool bloggers - nice to finally find some more people! And it looks like we're connected to some of the same people in bloggy land :0) Great pictures by the way! And I'm following your blog now :0)


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