Monday 26 September 2011

Project 365 - Weeks 35-37

Okay, I realized that I haven't had a round-up in a month.

Bad blogger.

So, here's Weeks 35, 36 & 37.

Week 35:


239: My cousin's daughter inspecting a caterpillar she found.  It's a polyphemus moth... or, it will be next spring.  ;)

240:  My cousin's oldest daughter reading to her sister, and my baby girl.  Her sound effects were awesome.  ;)

241:  Lego guy on the dashboard.

242:  My oldest "baby" and my youngest... both waiting for a taste test.  ;)

243:  Damage from the F3 tornado... I miss Coffee Culture.  :(

244:  Had to buy them.

245:  Snapped it in the dark... my niece Emma.

Week 36:


246:  My baby brother... who wears his heart on his thumb.  :)

247:  No picture today.

248:  Hubby brushing Roxy.  So much hair!!

249:  Cool clouds.

250:  Gorgeous sunset.

251:  Our first trip down to the salt mine since the F3 tornado.  We weren't allowed to go all the way, but thought it was cool that the little break in the clouds was shining on the boat.  Cell phone pic.

252:  My first try at a moon shot.  Next time I'll use a tripod.  ;)

Week 37:


253:  Boys checking on our new sheep - Katahdin ewes.  :)

254:  Some of the books I'm reading with Becky and Michael for this school year.

255:  Agnes and Edna.  :D

256:  A lot of the businesses on the square are opening... but there's still so much repair and cleanup left.  (Cell phone pic.)

257:  Peekaboo! 

258:  My baby sister.  Who turned 17 today.  (Yes, really!)

259:  Saying goodbye to the sheep as we head out the driveway...  (cell phone pic.)

I usually link the pictures to my 365 blog... but I don't want to.  ;P 

So, if you want to check them out larger-sized, feel free to hop over to my 365 blog:


  1. Wow. Catching up! Love the sky shots. ;p

  2. Lots of great photos. So glad you are back.


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