Saturday 20 August 2011

Project 365–Weeks 29, 30, 31 & 32


Has it really been that long since I did a 365 round up?!? 

Guess I really have been having a long blogging break.  Winking smile

Here we go…  let’s see if I can remember it all… Open-mouthed smile

Week 29:


197:  Hannah sitting on the footstool like a horsey.

198:  Hannah eating cucumber.  Nom nom.

199:  Remembered to take a picture… but it was dark.  Kids love the flash.  Winking smile

200:  Woodpecker in the tree.  (I need a zoom lens…)

201:  Looks like potato salad, right?  Except it’s not!!  It’s made with cauliflower instead of potatoes, and it’s SO GOOD!

202:  My baby girl, who will soon be two!

203:  Cousins with matching gappy grins.  Open-mouthed smile


Week 30


204:  Anna likes bugs.  The dragonfly wasn’t so bad… but the dead June bug made me shudder a little bit…  Winking smile

205:  Flowers at my trailer.

206:  More deer eyes.

207:  Ethan hates getting his picture taken.

208:  Heading to throw her raisin box in the firepit.

209:  Hannah’s two today!  My baby is growing up.  Sniff.

\210:  She got a Dora trike for her birthday!


Week 31


211:  Sunflare over the trailer.

212: Dave scores in washer toss!  Open-mouthed smile

213:  Three little cousins getting a ride in the wagon.

214:  Ethan hit his second home run – and this time it was a GRAND SLAM!

215.  The first time it took $100 to fill the van.  Yikes.

216.  Our first pullet egg!  Open-mouthed smile

217:  Rebekah just before her 9th birthday.


Week 32


218:  Justin’s league is done for the season.

219:  Littles dancing while my cousins from out west perform on mom’s deck!  Open-mouthed smile

220:  I don’t know what this is called, but it’s pretty.

221:  His other front tooth is gone!

222:  Hannah finally has grown some hair.  I love it when it’s freshly washed!

223:  My first baby girl on her 9th birthday.

224:  Fooling around in the dark at the trailer.  (Those are LOBSTER tacky lights, in case you were wondering.  Winking smile )


Whew!!  Glad I remembered it all.


  1. Looooooove it!

    And yes, that was a singsong voice. I do that sometimes. Especially when I say Looooooooove it!

    Which I dooooooo!

  2. Looks like you all have had a wonderful time at your camper. I love all the photos of your kids. Hannah has some amazing blue eyes. Happy Late Birthday to her.

  3. I love the matching gappy grins, you'd think they were related or something, lol.

    Great pics - great summer! I want your summer! I am tempted to spend next summer in a campground too ;) the same one, even


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