Thursday 11 August 2011

Nine already!

Today is Rebekah’s ninth birthday!
It’s kinda freaking me out.
My kids keep getting older.  And closer to teens.  How dare they grow up so fast?!?
Becky was born with crazy black hair.  No, really.  Look:


The day we brought her home from the hospital:


But every time I washed her hair, I washed the black out.  Winking smile

You know, there’s a story behind that black hair.

I knew while I was pregnant with her that she would be a girl.  Not because I found out during an ultrasound – cause I didn’t – but I just knew in my guts.

We picked out the name Emily Anne.  Pretty, right?

The morning of the 11th, when I went into labour, I was sitting on our exercise ball in the living room.  Jeff came downstairs, and an overwhelming feeling came over me.

With force, Winking smile I said “If this is a girl, and she is born with black hair, her name must be Rebekah Marie.”

Jeff did not disagree with me.  (Smart guy, right? Winking smile )

This was not totally out of the blue, as we had tossed that name around too.

Now, the chances of us having a child with black hair were pretty slim.  I’m very very blonde, and Jeff is blonde as well.  Justin was blonde, and Ethan was white-blonde.

Imagine my surprise when I first caught a glimpse of her little head. 

“It’s some foreign baby.”  were the first words out of my mouth.  (Remember, my other two children were BLONDE.  And, I was still pushing her out of my body.  So I was allowed to say crazy things.  Winking smile )

The midwife laid her on my belly.

Jeff looked at me.

I looked at him.

“Hi Emily!” everyone started to say…

But wait. 

That was not her name.

We told everyone the story, what I had said only a few hours before.  Her name wasn’t Emily.  It had to be Rebekah.

It was so hard for the first few days… I kept calling her Em-Rebekah.  Winking smile 

But obviously God had a plan for my baby girl.

The black washed out of her hair, and she was blonde.


And she still is.  Smile


And her name totally suits her.  Becky’s have dimples.  They just do.  Open-mouthed smile
She is my calm, easy going girl.  Nothing really ruffles her.  She is happy all the time, and everything is sunshine with her.

I heart her.  Smile

Happy 9th Birthday to my first baby girl.


  1. Awwww! I heart her too. And I remember that BLACK hair.

  2. I had black hair when I was born too....but she's a beautiful girl. Happy Birthday to her!

  3. Aww, love her dimples!!! Happy Birthday to her!!!

  4. It's such a good story!!! :D

    Happy Birthday Beck-a-Beck!

  5. Happy Birthday sweetie! What a cute little chunk you were! Hope you have an awesome year.


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