Thursday 2 June 2011

May 2011 Photo Hunt

It’s done!  Smile

1. Wind

It’s hard to capture wind.  It’s invisible, after all.  Winking smile  But, I think this works:

2. Sprout

Our lettuce is sprouting!  Open-mouthed smile  Yay for fresh salads.

3.  Fresh

There’s nothing like the smell of lilacs.  So fresh and clean.

4.  Vibrant

I chose these flowers for their vibrant colours.

5.  Unique

I don’t think anyone else has a sunbathing bikini-clad frog in their garden!  Open-mouthed smile  I actually painted this frog many years ago in a ceramic class.

6.  Wet

Dew drops in a tulip.  I added a slight watercolour feel to it, and I like the result.  Smile

7.  Lines

Thought this turned out really cool. 

8.  A Spring Activity

Around this house, it’s definitely baseball.  Smile

9.  Reading Material

My toddler’s favourite page in her favourite book.  Open-mouthed smile  All the flaps open up so you can find the monkeys!

10.  One Point Perspective Lines

There’s an old railway bridge near here that they’ve converted into a walking trail.  It’s lovely, and fits this perfectly.

11.  Something Juicy

Watermelon definitely fits!  Open-mouthed smile


So that’s my interpretations.  Smile  Check out some others at


  1. These pictures are amazing. Great interpretation. Just beautiful!

  2. I agree with Mom. Every single picture is awesome. Well done.

  3. I love all of your photos; I really can't pick just a few favorites. Your style is very honest and natural. :)

  4. Great photos! My favs are wind, lines and the one point perspective. But they all turned out great!

  5. ok... these are all spectacular. I kept going down the page thinking.. "No, this one is my favorite... No, THIS one is my favorite" Awesome!!!

  6. Wow! Many of these could be art. I would hang them on my wall. The "wind" shot is fabulous :) Love the "lines" - that one would really look good as a print/canvass/hung up.

  7. Beautiful shots!
    Esp. love the dandelion!! Wow!

  8. Lines and Wind are AWESOME!!! You had several great shots, way to go!

  9. Great photos! I especially like the Wind picture. All of these pictures show some great critical thinking skills. I try to teach my kids to think outside the box, and your pictures were a great illustration. Thanks!


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