Thursday 23 June 2011

Shoot and Edit - Week 24 Edit

It’s that time again! 

Here are my edits for this week.  Hover over the picture to see the SOOC shot.

First, I opened in ACR, and adjusted.  Then I ran CoffeeShop’s Perfect Portrait 3.  I changed the B&W gradient layer to a Blue/red/yellow gradient, and reduced opacity to 6%.

Clean edit:


Then, I decided to play a little more with this one.  I ran Nelly Nero’s Chocolate Fade action.  (Below)  Then I ran PW’s B&W Beauty action, flattened image, and ran a little Vanilla Pop.  (Hover over Chocolate Fade to see the B&W.)  Which one is your favourite?


Second one, just did my regular clean edit with the B/R/Y gradient.

Father's Day 2 edit

(I also ran Chocolate Fade on this one – you can see it here.)

And finally… my WHOLE family!  :D  Yes, all 38 of us… even me! 

I adjusted in ACR, and then replaced the left side of people… from my mom over.  (My mom is the short one in the blue shirt. ;)  I then stole myself out of another picture, and added me in.  :D


That’s all folks! 

Check out other edits at Ashley’s.


  1. You have really developed some editing skills my friend. I am so proud of you. I love all of them! Great job.

  2. Sweet pics and great edits! Love that you got a pic of your whole family. Awesome!

  3. Great job on all of the photos! WOW!! I think I like the black and white one better for your second shot--it seems softer.

  4. Fabu.

    I love Daddy/daughter pics.

  5. I really like the second photo, mouse off. I like the warm feel. It doesn't pop enough for me in the BW.

    Very cool to add the fam into the family photo. Nicely done!

  6. "My mom is the short one in the blue shirt."


    You could have said, "My mom is the cute one in front of the guy with a gray beard, who is my dear OLD dad."


  7. these are really sweat pictures! love the edits!

  8. Very impressive photo merge! Lovely edits! Such sweet captures!

  9. I really love how they came out. So vibrant! Wow- that is a big group of people. How fun!

  10. Impressive! I love how you present the edits - hovering over is so much better than side by side!

    Now, I have to say, i would have been just a teeeeeny bit MORE impressed if the edit on your family shot got rid of the leaf that covers Pat's face. Just sayin' :) In fact - I think Pat is probably feeling pain that his glorious blonde locks are covered. It's kind of tragic.

  11. Wow! Love all the different things you did -- however, I'd have to say the clean edit and the b&w edit of the first shot are my favs! :)

    Great job on the group shot -- cloning isn't always easy with that many people -- and then adding yourself in -- that takes even more talent!

  12. Beautiful photos in texture, light and color, exquisite. A lovely portrait


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