Saturday 26 March 2011

Project 365–Week 12

Time for my Project 365 round up!  Smile

Day 78:  Hannah finally having a nap. (She’s almost 20 months, and has mostly given up her nap.  Sigh.)

Day 79:  Rubber boots.  They WERE our footwear of choice.  Now we’re back to snow boots.

Day 80:  Creekside – snow’s almost gone, and the water is receding…

Day 81:  Picked up 24 layer chicks!  LOVE that this one poked up her head just in time.  Smile

Day 82:  Woke up to winter again.  So much snow…  Caught a snowflake on my kitchen window… and that’s the HUGE willow tree in the background.

Day 83:  Boat at the mine getting a load of salt.  Jeff is still laid off… hopefully they’ll get called back this week.

Day 84:  Sunbursts are fun.  Smile  And no, the snow hasn’t melted yet…

So there you go.  That’s how it’s been around the creek this week.  Check out other project’s at Sarah’s.

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  1. Wow!! They are all gorgeous. I love the snow flake, sunburst and chick! We need to get more. ha ha! One of ours just escaped this morning. Hope it warms up for you. Have a great weekend.

  2. Great week of photos! That chick is too cute. Love the little baby feet...

  3. Love the sunburst and the chicken! (He's so cute!)

  4. Oh how I love those little feet- so precious!

  5. Best week yet! They are all creative shots, I like them all. The boots are cool, the snowflake on the window is awesome. The starburst pic is perfect, too.
    I do not envy your toddler nap issues! Charlie has no problem passing out for 2 hours from noon to two. He's the only one who has been good about napping (other than Thomas :) )

  6. I can to wait till the snow is gone so I can pull out the rubber boots


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