Saturday 12 March 2011

Project 365–Week 10

Time for this week’s round up!  Smile


64.  Hotel room in Windsor – there for a dance competition.  My sister updating Buzz.  Smile

65.  Becky, Vincent, Emma and Ethan.  Vincent was a judge, and taught a hiphop workshop.  He also placed second in year two of the Canadian So You Think You Can Dance.  I voted for him.  He was my favourite.  Open-mouthed smile

66.  Ethan’s face when he saw his new bike for his 10th birthday.  Open-mouthed smile

67.  Yay for playing outside in some sunshine!!

68.  The snow returns.

69.  My babies cuddled up and playing together!

70.  More snowstorms/power outages/road closers.  Will spring ever come?!?

And that’s how our week went around the creek.

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  1. I hope Spring comes soon! I'm starting to get the "Spring Cleaning" itch!

  2. Great collage. Looks like a fun week. I'm ready for spring too!

  3. I hope you get some warmer weather soon! It looks so cold!

  4. Sorry about the snow. brrr... love the photo of them sitting on the couch. So cute!

  5. Nice pictures! Too bad the crappy lighting made Vincent's face dark, eh? Love, LOVE Ethan's face. Made me smile.

    And I don't even wanna THINK about the weather... maybe if I ignore it it isn't happening....

  6. The picture of you three kids is just adorable! Found your blog through NapTimeMomTog's blog.

  7. LOVE these Adeena! You are fantastic at getting your kids to give you real smiles - I love it! #69 is my total fave! ♥


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