Wednesday 2 March 2011

February Photo Hunt

Whew!  It’s done!  Smile

Here’s my pics for each category:

1. Best from 2.20 – Michael crushing ice in the sunshine.  Smile



2.  Black History Month

I’m Canadian, and we don’t have Black History month.  But, my daughter has a Cabbage Patch that is her favourite… and it’s an old original.  I think it could fit this category.  Winking smile



3.  Canned Food month

For those of you with no allergies, canned food is not something you ever think about.  But, when one of your allergies is to corn, it’s difficult to find something that doesn’t have corn in it.  Well, we finally found something!!  I’m so grateful for the option of a quick lunch.  Smile



4.  Everyday

I use this oil as much as possible.  Open-mouthed smile  It’s so tasty!



5.  Hearts

Some of you will have seen this picture before – but I edited it again to change the colour of Justin’s hand back to a more normal skin colour.. instead of freaky alien yellow.  Winking smile  I like!



6.  Macro

I don’t have a macro lens… but this works.  Smile  My cousin made me this for my 30th birthday.  It’s a spider.  I’m arachnophobic.  Thanks, Laura.  Winking smile



7.  Numbers

I’m knitting my sister a purse.  A cable purse.  I’ve done cables once before.  It’s been fun to do the different cables in this pattern.



8.  Something Cozy

Well, I could have taken a pic of the woodstove, some blankets, etc.  But, two sisters snuggled in their daddy’s recliner look pretty cozy to me.  Smile



9.  Something furry

I heart this picture.  So I’m using it for the challenge.  My first baby, Peter.  He’s 15!  And he matches my kitchen chairs and kitchen floor.  Open-mouthed smile



10.  Something red

I love how this turned out.  We have three cats, so we have a few cat toys around.  Smile



11.  Something white

Okay.  So.  My hubby works in a mine.  A salt mine.  He is 1800 ft. underground – under Lake Huron.  He brought home a piece of salt.  How cool is that?



12.  The view from above

I didn’t know what to do for this one… I mean, I could have put up a pic of Lake Huron – standing on the cliff above.

But, I took this of my baby girl after church.. and it’s how I see her all the time.  From above.  Open-mouthed smile



Well, there you go!  Open-mouthed smile  I really enjoyed the Photo Hunt this month – I like having fewer categories – makes it doable.

Go to PhotoHuntChallenges to see more.



  1. Great choices! I Love how Hannah is snuggled into Becky.

    I will buy you some yarn eventually so you can make me a purse too. And a hat. And a scarf. And a blanket.

    I don't ask for much, do I?

  2. Very nice. LOVE the Peter one. Salt is cool too. And Nana is adorable.

  3. Those are so amazing. I especially love the one of Peter, it's such a nice portrait of him! :) I also like the one of Michael crushing the snow, and the macro one of your spider. Creeeepy! :D

  4. I can never seem to get my act together to do this challenge.

    Smashing ice is my favorite, well, besides smashing crunchy leaves in the fall.

    I hate spiders, but that one is really cool... and your shot of it does do it justice. GREAT job on that one!

  5. I love your entire collection - you've done a brilliant job!

  6. Hi there ladycakes! Ya done good! ♥ You know which one is my favorite, right? The girls together - LOVE! If I wasn't so OLD I might try for a sister for TT. Well, you never know. God has a funny sense of humor. ;-)
    (LOVE the heart shot too)!

  7. Nice job! I love the pic of Peter, especially.

    I fail, but that's okay, I'll try again next time!

  8. what a cute kitty...also like the macro shot-- spiders are pretty scary but its kinda cool.

  9. the salt is so cool--and I really like numbers as well. your pictures are very pleasant to view. nicely done. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on


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