Wednesday 9 March 2011

Big Things Poppin’

I haven’t yet had a chance to edit the pics for the hip hop trio of Ethan, Rebekah and Emma, but the video uploaded!  Open-mouthed smile

So, here it is, so you can see how adorable they are.  And tell me if you think they look thuggy enough.  Winking smile

Big Things Poppin’



  1. It just makes me giggle. Emma and Becky trying to be thuggy......

  2. Heheheheeeeeeeeee! XD

    SO thuggy. :D

  3. I think they were very convincing thugs. I liked the near-end when they lifted Emma, with the thug moves, that was funny :)

  4. Considering who their mothers are I think they are THUG-a-mung-Gus. :P

    I mean that with the utmost affection.

    I enjoyed the routine, especially the pant pullin' action.


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