Tuesday 22 February 2011

It's Different Now

Lately I've had a song in my head.

A song I listened to when I was a child.

I can not for the life of me remember what group sang the version in my head.  It was not this one.. but it's pretty close.  :)

It's different now


I once was lost in sin I had no peace within
To save my weary soul I knew not how.
But Jesus came to me and by his grace I’m free
Now it's different oh so different now.


I went to church one day to hear them sing and pray
The preacher firmly used the gospel plow
He said you must repent so down the aisle I went
Now it's different oh so different now


It's different now since Jesus saved my soul
It's different now since by his blood I'm whole
Old satan had to flee when Jesus rescued me
Now it's different oh so different now.
Thank God it's different now!!


  1. It's different now!

    I remember the original one... and it's very similar, isn't it?

    Thanking God with you,

  2. There was no female singer on our original one, but the men sound the same. I like the low voice.


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