Wednesday 12 January 2011


Just a couple random pics today.  :)

First, we have Becky modeling the hat that I made for my sister.  You know, the one who whined.  :D

Me likey.  Actually, it was the exact same yarn that I was considering using to make myself a hat... so, if I ever actually do it, we might match.  :D  It's a cream colour - it's called 'natural'.  It doesn't quite look the same in the picture.

 Second, I was taking pics of my girls for my Day 12 of 365.  I picked a different one for the 365, but I liked this one, too.

And yes, the best lighting in the house is by the kitchen window.  The other south-facing windows don't work at all.

That's all for now!  :)


  1. I like that hat! I don't know if it's just my monitor settings, but it looks like a slightly blue off-white. Maybe it's just the colour reflecting off of Becky's coat, I don't know.

    Two pretty girls! :)

  2. It's a lot creamier in real life. I saw it today on your whiney sister. Nice!

  3. The whiney sister likes it.

    Very much.

  4. That hat is awesome! I want one! :)

    Have you tried a North facing window? I know it sounds odd, but you'll get much more even, soft light.


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