Sunday 2 January 2011

Memories, Dreams & Reflections

Ashley has come up with a great list to take us back through the year 2010.

Here's my favourites:

1. Me

I'm most proud of learning to use my camera's settings, and get off automatic!  :)  I'm also proud of crocheting my first afghan, and knitting my first adult-sized sweater.

2.  I Love You


I love this pic. My five kids!

3. Still Laughing

I have two for this category. The first is Michael... "searching" for spring!


It still makes me giggle. :)

The next is Ethan... and one of his many weird faces. I tell ya, when this kid gets married there's going to be so many pictures to laugh over!!


I have no idea what he was thinking.. I'm assuming he thought he was smiling really big. :D

4. Winter Wonderland

We live in Ontario, Canada. There's lots of snow. But, I liked this pic.


This is what you look like after riding on a toboggan tied to the back of your dad's snowmobile! ;) Jeff did put on a longer rope... so the kids got less snow in the face. (The snow on the face didn't stop them, though.)

5. Birthday

Our baby girl Hannah turned one in 2010! We had a party...


...and her cousin Ava had no problem helping her with her candle. ;)

I also love this pic, taken on Hannah's birthday:


She was so determined to crawl across the gravel - and her face just killed me. :D

6. Friends


Becky with her best friend Emma... who happens to also be her cousin, and fellow dancer!

7. I was Inspired


I am inspired all the time by Ashley. I totally copied her photo, and I really liked how it turned out. :)

8. Spring Fever


Tiny willow leaves... bugs warming in the sun... totally spring! :)

9. Vacation


Jeff was laid off most of the year last year... which meant we didn't do much for a vacation. We did go to a nearby campground... and promptly got rained on for three days. :( One of the attractions at this site is the waterfall. When it hasn't rained for days, the water is low enough to walk across the river, and play in the little pools and waterfall. As you can see, we didn't do that. The water rose over 4 ft. while we were there! Scary.

10. Summer Days


Boy + Beach = Summer!

11. A Day in my Life

Right now, my life is a lot of this:


with breaks for this:


12. All Smiles


Jeff, my sister Sarah, her hubby Tyler, and baby Ducky. This pic makes me smile. :) The men are dorks. And yet, we married them anyway. Aren't they lucky? ;)

13. Autumn


One of my favourite pics I took this autumn.

14. Family


This is almost my entire family on my dad's side!! We're a big, fun, happy bunch!

15. Celebrate!


My niece Ava had a party at the beach this year... complete with party hats. She was very insistent. ;) Even the babies got one!


16. Let's do it again!


I love campfires. (Mom, it's a cave!! Don't you want to poke your finger in there?? *giggle*)

17. I miss you


My Grandma. I still miss her. She's been gone for 19 years.

18. Beautiful


Rebekah, my oldest daughter, is beautiful.. inside and out.

19. Dress Up


How can you resist a little stinker? ;)

20. Macro


I still love this pic. Is it actually a macro? Probably not. But, it's pretty darn close. ;)

21. Holidays


2010 Christmas Eve fondue! We do it every year. Yum!

I also loved how this turned out:


Inspired, of course, by Ashley and Karli. :)

22. My Favourite


I've had a lot of fun this year, learning how to use my camera with my new, cute subject. :)


It's hard to pick just one. :)

23. Don't ever change


I hope my girls always have a great relationship.

24. Just because


Kids in the creek.. an often occurrence around here in the summer! I love the stream bokeh.

25. Hopes and Dreams

This year, I want to spend more time in the Word.  I want my soul to thirst after God.  My relationship with Him is important above all else.. and I want Him to be my focus in 2011.

So, that's my list!  :)  What is your favourite memories from 2010?

And visit Ashley for more 2010 memories, dreams and reflections.



  1. I loved this collection - in particular, I loved the shot of your kids together and I still love the shot for inspired!

  2. Oh, Adeena.... this made me cry. Beautiful pictures, all the way through. The one of Grandma really got to me. I miss her, too.

    Love you.

    And yes, I have to say - I do want to poke my finger into the fire cave. Craziness.

  3. What a beautiful collection of memories! I love the inspired shot too!

    Abby - what sweet shots. I will be praying for you to truly fall in love with surrendering your life to God. You will never feel so free as when you give it all to GOD! He is FAITHFUL!

    Blessings and keep learning about photography :-)

  4. I love every single one. Especially your spring fever photo. Happy New Year!

  5. Your pictures are so love lit. Each picture is warm & the definition of family. I really have a hard time picking a favorite, but I've often loved your photography.

    Happy New year!

  6. I love your winter wonderland photo, I am jealous of all that snow!! I also love your "a day in my life" photos, I can totally relate :)

  7. Great pictures. You're talent is incredible. I'm waiting for my blanket by the way.

    Grandma's picture made me cry too. She was an excellent Grandma.


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