Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Today is Justin's birthday.

My baby boy.

Why do they grow up so fast?  *Sniff*

Here he is in the hospital.  Aww.. he was such a brown baby!

This is one of my all-time favourite pictures of Justin.  The cheeks... the grin... the blonde, blonde hair...  what's not to love?

And now he's twelve.  He's turning into a man right before my eyes.  I hope that I've given him a great foundation, so that he'll continue to grow into a Godly young man.

Happy Birthday Justin!



  1. AWWHAWW! He was so chubby! Happy Birthday! I have no doubt you will bless your mommy Justin.

  2. Happy Birthday - I swear, your kids all look so much alike as babies.

  3. Justin, you're beautiful. Well, handsome. Great picture. I bet you got in on the first try!



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