Wednesday 10 November 2010


My karate kids had their board breaking last week.

I took a few pics, but I have to warn you, the quality isn't very good.  :/  But you get the gist.  :)

Here's the class with their decorated boards!

Ethan went first... with a kick.  :)

Justin used a fist.

So did Becky.  :D  (And yes, that's Jeff watching in the background!  :)

They did a great job, and our kids raised $110 for the Booster Club!  Woo-Hoo!  Way to go, guys!  :D

And I'm posting this just for fun.  I made this hat.  Yes, I did.  It's actually purple, and I made two little flowers for it - one pink, one yellow.  I'm very very happy with how it turned out.  :D

Isn't it cute??  The colours are off, but I'm not retaking a pic right now.  But it IS purple.  A deep purple.  Now the other kids want one, too.  ;)

Now I'm heading out to enjoy some sunshine!  :)


  1. So so so cute. All of it. The wacking of boards and the home-made hat. Epic.

  2. Way to go kids!! I'm proud of you! :D

    SUCH a cute hat. Made even cuter by the baby model. ;)

  3. it looks purple on my monitor, but a bluey-purple. It is adorable! I love it. And I want to know how to make *stuff* too. But I will probably never learn.

    Nice job on the board breaking, karate kids? Didn't Jeff get to participate?

  4. Oh wow! My boys are in karate too...but I don't think they break boards. Now I'm wondering why not...that's awesome! Drew is a green belt, and Collin is red. The advanced class starts with yellow, so maybe they do it in there. Cool!

  5. That is so awesome.

    Love the hat too. So adorable!


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