Wednesday 29 September 2010


It's Wednesday.

Normally I try and do a picture post on Wednesdays.

But today, I'm so not in the mood.

I'm frustrated.  And annoyed.

We had 20 laying hens.  I say 'had', because when the boys headed out this morning to feed the hens, and gather the eggs... they came running back in a tither.

We lost 8 hens.  I would imagine it was the same bastard (sorry) raccoon that killed our meat birds in the spring.  We lost almost 50 meats back then.  Jeff caught 3 little buggers, and unsuccessfully "taught" them how to swim in the creek.  But we never caught the mother.

I'm assuming she's back.


I have no idea how she got in.  Jeff put electric fence around the entire chicken pen.  There's no obvious holes, and Justin tested the fence... it still works.  ;)

My kids are understandably upset.  And so am I.

Yes, I believe in God.  I believe that He planned this for my good.  I'm just not seeing the good part yet.  I'm not in the depths of despair, but my mom's recent post is still helpful.  You should read it, too.

And now, back to teaching children.  :)


  1. Urgh! That is so frustrating!! Stupid raccoon. I hate raccoons, I really do. :P

    Sorry about your hens. :(

  2. They are bastards. Like squirrels.

    Animals that wreck things fry my balls.

  3. So sorry about your hens! :( Hope you catch her!

  4. THat is not cool - I hope the little devil is caught!

  5. Oh, Adeena! I hurt for you, truly I do. The meaties are one thing, but your sweet laying hens are something else entirely. Racoons are cunning. This may be a tough battle but I know you'll persevere.


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