Tuesday 10 August 2010

Touch-Up Tuesday

It's Touch-Up Tuesday time!

I took this picture last night.  Not bad.  A little glaring.  Liked the little bugs.  :)


In Photoscape I:

Darkened and Deepened
Ran Velvia, Provia and Portra film effects on Low
Put a bloom on the bug's back
Added frame and watermark


I like it better, but I think I could have whitened the flower some more... being as it's white. ;)

So, what's your edit this week? Link up at Karli's.



  1. Oh hee hee! You BEAT me! :-) This is a beautiful shot. I tried to take a picture of a similar (or maybe the same) flower a couple weeks ago, and I just coudln't get it right. (I'm serious...it's hiding out in my recycle bin). Your edit is lovely, and I have to say...your SOOC is pretty darn good too! :-) I'll have the link up in a few... LOL! :-)

  2. Adeena! Your edit is wonderful, I love the added sharpness and contrast.

    Thanks for your compliment on the crispness of my self-portraits. A number of blog friends asked about that, so I just wrote up a new post giving away all my secrets. Hope you find it helpful.

  3. I would put that on my wall in a frame. Very nice.

  4. Love how the edit really brought out the insects. Nice job!

  5. Nice!
    Basically every picture I ever put up is SOOC because I am LAAAAZY like that.
    Did you even set your post up to publish at just after midnight or were you up that late doing it?

  6. That's so pretty! I love the little bugs... they are cute, despite my overall hatred of bug-kind.

    I like the original, too! The SOOC is awesome, and your edits just enhanced it. :)

  7. ^ Kate - I *did* set it up to post at midnight... but, I was also up that late. XD

    Don't start editing your pics... 'cause once you do, it's so addicting! ;)

  8. I have very similar photos and they make for a great subject. I love what you've done here - kinda vintage, mysterious. Nice work.

  9. I love the deeper green and the way the bugs "pops" now! Nice edit! It's so fun to see everyone's own interpretation of post processing!

  10. Your edit totally makes Mr. Bug pop. Nice shot!


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