Tuesday 3 August 2010

Touch-Up Tuesday


Another week has flown by.  I missed Touch up Tuesday last week, 'cause we were gone campin'!  (It was a lot of fun, too.  In case you were wondering.  ;)

Have I mentioned before that we're a camping family?  I'm sure you could figure it out.  :D

We have a farm, and we have a creek.  And, we have trailers.  Four of them, to be exact.  But, one is for traveling only.

That leaves three.

And, two are for guests.  We love having people overnight.  (Want to come over?  We have the best campfire conversations ever.  I mean it.)

We had a little party for Hannah's first birthday last weekend.  And a few of our favourite people came for some fun!

Including Hannah's very favourite cousin, the Duckster.  They are so cute together!

Here they are, playing with ladderball balls.

(edited for size only)  (you can right-click to view image to see it full-size)


I love how bright Ducky's eyes are, and the grin on Hannah's face!


In Photoscape I:

ran low Cross-Process
ran low Portra effect
brightened slightly
added vignette
cropped to 5x7 and resized

In PhotoStudio I:

cloned out the ladder feet (could have done that a bit better, I think.)
adjusted levels slightly till I liked it
sharpened eyes slightly

And... aren't they adorable?? :D


It's so much fun to have cousins!  :)

Now, please go visit Karli to check out lots of great touch-ups!



  1. You must stop with the CUTENESS!! :-) Love, love LOVE Hannah and the Duckster! Absolutely love your edit too! You know what I like best about your edits? You put a lovely vignette around them and it just does something really special to your photographs. It really makes these little cuties stand out. Wonderful! Note to self: do more vignettes. ;-) It's past midnight and I'm starting to go a little nuts. Great edit as always! :-) Thanks for playin'!

  2. Great picture! Cousins are fun. I'm glad there's so many!

  3. Nice one! I love Hannah's grin, and Deklan's EYES! He has crazy beautiful eyes. :)

    Cousins are super fun! Deklan loves Hannah. XD

  4. That grin killed me about three times.

    They are SO CUTE.

  5. You've done an amazing job!

  6. What a couple of cuties! Great edit!

  7. Love how your edit put more focus on those adorable kiddos!

  8. Great job at brightening them up. Such cuties!


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