Wednesday 4 August 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge

It's a Photo Hunt Challenge!  :D

I found this site through Ashley. (if you haven't checked out her site - do it now!!)

I'm going to participate this month!  I hope you will, too.

Here's the details:

1. A flag that represents you (your town, state, country, team, etc.)
2. Something comfortable
3. Something in season
4. Feet
5. Repetition
6. Culture or ethnicity
7. Contrast
8. An indulgence
9. A macro or closeup
10. Something masculine
11. Something feminine
12. Light
13. Eco-friendly
14. Business
15. An arrow
16. Something wet
17. Something dry
18. Butterflies*
19. Heart-Shaped Clouds*

20. Strength

* Please read the explanation on why these categories were included in this photo hunt challenge.

The Rules: 

Photos should be taken between August 1st and August 31st. You may use a maximum of two photos from your archives — as long as they were taken within the past year — if you find yourself stuck on the 31st without having a photo for a category or two.

You ARE allowed (and encouraged!) to use Photoshop or other photo-editing software as you’d like (it often adds to the artistic quality of the photo).

It is up to you whether you post your photos on your blog as you go or wait until September 1st to unveil them and make it a surprise. Either way, each of you should put all 20 photos in one single blog post or in a single online gallery by September 4th.

Please label each photo file in the following manner: Yourname-category.jpg (ex: kristi-something musical.jpg).

A new post will go up at on September 1st.  Anyone who completes the August 2010 Photo Hunt will need to add their name & the URL permalink of where their Photo Hunt photos are posted.

*Please note that archived photos will not be included in the judging.

Doesn't it sound like fun?  I haven't decided yet if I will post as I go, or save them for one big reveal.

Hope you can join in!


  1. So glad you're participating. It's going to be tough but fun!

  2. You're going to do this Adeena? Awesome! I want to soooo bad, but it's just so much, I can't commit. This, and Ashley's weekly scavenger hunts, would be my favorite blog hops to participate in if time wasn't an issue - LOL! :-) Actually, I am doing Ashley's scavenger hunt this week. Are you? Hope to see you there! Five items I can handle. And I'm a total instant gratification kind of gal. I'd have to post as I go. No WAY could I wait for the end. :-) Happy Wed. my friend! :-)


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