Thursday 22 July 2010

You Capture - Black and White

This week's You Capture challenge was black and white.

I didn't capture a lot of black and white this week, so this morning I ran around the house capturing some of my favourite black and white things.

Have I mentioned that I like cows?  No?  Well, I do.


I have a few around the house. This one wears a pink tutu, and dances to a Christmas rap. :D


I have a tortoiseshell kitty. She was born in my strawberry patch 6 years ago.

She loves the window.


In colour, you would see the gorgeous orange and brown markings she has. And green eyes. With a dot in her left eye.


I took this sunset shot last night. The colours were amazing. What do you think of sunsets in black and white?


We're off today for a mini-holiday - camping somewhere that's NOT our house! :D

I'll be back Tuesday. I do have blogs scheduled for the next few days, but sometimes blogger is funky, and doesn't post them.

So, while you wait for me to return, go check out the other black and white captures at Beth's! :)




  1. Great job with the photos...have fun camping!

  2. Yay for cows!

    I let Emma and Ava play with my old stuffed animals (which are stored away safely in big totes in the cupboard) over half of which are COWS.

    You and me both, baby. Love those cows.

    Nice pictures! I kinda like the sunset photo in black and white, very mysterious! :)

    Have fun camping somewhere that's not your house!! XD

  3. Cows are cute. You do have an awesome collection.

  4. Oooohhh I love your kitty shots and the sky!

  5. Oh my! Stunning shots, I love the one with the kitty

  6. I love kitties so I'm glad you shared yours with us :)

  7. the clouds pop in B&W, great shot.

  8. I love the sunset shot. Have fun camping!

  9. Beautiful photos! I especially love the cat pictures. . . thanks for sharing! :]

  10. Cows! I totally wish I had thought of that! We have a rocking chair for our daughter that looks like a giant stuffed cow and you sit on his belly lol.

  11. Your sunset in b&w is very dramatic. I made a trip into town last evening and the sky was AMAZING! I didn't have my camera with, you've inspired me to try a b&w next time I do sunset shots.

  12. Very nice picutres! I like the cats especially!

  13. I LOVEEE torties! (We have one, and I'm obsessed with her.) And I love sunsets - black and white or in color. Just beautiful.

  14. GREAT shots. Cute blog!

  15. The sky shot is gorgeous!!


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