Wednesday 14 July 2010

Wednesday Faces

Here are some of the newest face shots that I love!

Hannah.  Under the gazebo by the trailers.  It has the BEST lighting!

Becky.  Same spot.  It's all about the eyes, man!

Ducky.  Don't you want to moosh those cheeks?

My first-cousin-once-removed, aka Anna.  She is cuteness personified.  Seriously.  We had quite the conversation about the zoo.  :)

This pic kills me, because he's wearing a wig.  And yet, if I didn't cut his hair, it would probably look like this.  :D

P.S.  Yesterday, the new GIVEAWAY went live!  Don't forget to enter.


  1. Oh man, the EYES! The eyes!! Just such beautiful eyes on those kids, seriously.

    And Deklan totally looks like he's wearing mascara. Srsly.

    Justin is hysterical!!! XD

  2. Let Justin grow his hair out. I'll teach you how to thin it, but it would be AWESOME longer!

    The eyes are prettier than the sky.

  3. I think you should let Justin's hair grow out like that. That would be so awesome.

    Love the eyes.

  4. Very cute faces, all of them.

    Good picture taking skilz.

  5. This is too funny...I've been wanting to do a post on where the best lighting is. You're so right! Under a deck, under a tent, in the garage (another covering)...anything over your head is AMAZING. Those are gorgeous pictures, and beautiful eyes! Wow, that little Anna is a beauty, huh? Love the processing on that photo - it's awesome!

    I've missed seeing pics of your sweet lil' girl the last few days, and here she is. She cracks me up everytime! :-) All your kids just look so happy!


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