Tuesday 13 July 2010

Touch-Up Tuesday

It's touch-up time!  :)

This week, I'm using a picture of my sister, and her adorable baby the Duckster.

I took this while we were sitting at the campfire at Creekside.  :D

I've been shooting in full Manual mode.  Here's the details:

Aperture: 3.2
Shutter:  1/200
ISO 80
Focal length: 16mm
No flash.

It was the first pic I took, before I adjusted the settings.  I love Ducky's face, so I had to try and save it.  Here's what I did:

In Photoscape:

Gamma Bright to 1.40
Brighten to 20
Deepen to 13
Backlight (default) 50%
Ran Low Portra film effect
Added Vignette
Added "Bloom" over both faces, 30%, feathered at 75%
Cropped to 5x7 ratio.

In PhotoStudio:

Sharpened eyes
Brightened eyes
Took out soccer ball behind Ducky's ear
Added watermark

Tada!!!  :D

Don't you love his frown??  :D

You should totally join in the fun!  Head over to Karli's and add your link.  :)



  1. WOW...a total save! Great job. I didn't notice the soccer ball at first, but I scrolled back up and noticed it. Then it became distracting. i LOVE how you removed it! I also love how you brightened them, but they're still skin color.

    I kept second-guessing my edit, thinking maybe I made it a little bright. Yours is perfect.

  2. Oh, almost forgot... I got Livia's outfit from JoJo Designs on ebay. It's new clothing, boutique style, but not so expensive. The clothes are really well made, but they do use cheaper dyes that sometimes bleed. You definitely have to hand wash them the first couple times. But they are so cute! ;-)

  3. Wow! That is SUCH a great picture! And a really awesome save! :D

    Oh he's so cute... he just kills me. Slays me with cuteness.

    (And I'm not half bad, either! ;) )

    Great job, Adeena! I love it. :D

  4. Great save!

    Really good picture, glad you could save it.

    Love Ducky's frown..

  5. I LOVE his expression! What a great save. This photo is a keeper! Excellent job!


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