Sunday 4 July 2010

Camping is awesome.

Yes, it is.

We had MOST of my family here for 4 days.  Creekside Camping.  Yes, the lake subsided enough to camp!

People started arriving on Wednesday.  We always (for as long as I can remember) have gone as a family to watch the fireworks celebration at the beach on June 30th, the night before Canada Day.

I forgot my camera.  I am not happy about that.  But, my sister took lots of pictures, so you can go look at them there.

It was a fun evening - although very cold.  At least it wasn't raining!  The fireworks were great, and baby Nana liked her very first fireworks.  :D

The next day was July 1st - Canada Day!  Yay for Canada!  :D

My Becky and my niece Emma were in the parade again this year, dancing their little butts off.  :)

Here are my boys waiting for the parade to start.  In red shirts.  (We're so patriotic!  ;)

Here's what baby Nana did the whole parade.

All the kids lined up! 

Here comes the girls!

Jumping girls!  Becky is on the right, with black leggings on.

Gotta love Becky's hair flying!  :D

The little dog was killing us.  He rode in that trailer quite happily as the dude biked around.

Home from the parade.  I love Hannah's Canada shirt.  :D

Camping was a blast.  I am tired, and sun burnt.  And somehow, my house is a mess, even though there was nobody in it.

But everybody better come back again.  That means you, Dave & Kate.  :P  And the rest of my peeps, too.

Just make sure you bring a roll of t.p. for the outhouse.Photobucket


  1. It was SO much fun.

    I'm posting my parade pictures today, too. Very similar to yours.

    And yes. We must repeat.

  2. Yay for camping!

    And I'm looking forward to it this weekend. Gotta make a list again! And get everything done by Thursday! Because Friday Ty wants to go to the bush for the day before we head up to Creekside! So it's going to be a busy week. :D

    But worth it!!

  3. Hopefully the forecast is wrong... they're saying rain for Friday and Saturday. :/

    Can you believe how hot it is?!?

  4. Becky's hair streams out like Auntie Linda's.


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