Saturday 26 June 2010

Want to come... wading?

Forget camping.

We're going wading.  :D

Thursday morning, we woke up to this:

Can you see the lake?

Jeff is standing on the bridge... holding it down.  ;)  It floats.

The water was so strong!

My kids were playing here the day before.  That's supposed to be a grassy area.

Luckily, the trailers were all high enough that they stayed dry.

Didn't get over the top of the boots!  Yeah!  :D

Want to sit around the camp... water?

I know why this happened!

It was time to clean the ashes out of the fire pit!  :D  (Can you see the trail of ashes floating away??  It was awesome!  :D )

Well, the chairs didn't float away.

Brown Boy splashes beside the creek.

It's amazing how quickly it can flood.  We didn't even get a lot of rain that night - but they did north of us.  And, all that water has to make it to the lake somehow!

Hopefully it dries up quickly - then back to camping!


  1. Wow. That is crazy fast flooding.

    Better be crazy fast drying too. I wanna camp!!!

    Very nice it didn't get over the boots... it was darn close.

    Love how you caught the splash of M-man. Very cool.

  2. Yes, very cool it is.

    I am camping, too. Next week. So get out your fans and blowdryers and dry up that Creekside spot! :D

  3. Holy zimolians!

    Good thing it didn't work out for us to come camping this weekend! :O

  4. I'm hoping it will dry up enough for Wed.

  5. WOW! I can't believe these pics. My oldest son loves the weather channel (not sure why)...and he's so interested/worried about all the flooding right now. I'll definitely show him these pictures when he gets home. Got your code done and sent it back to your email. It's SO CUTE!! I absolutely love the image you chose! It's perfect! Have a great weekend and stay DRY! :-) ♥

  6. Yes, has to be dry by Wednesday. We're crashing there after fireworks right? :)

  7. ^ You can! Are you bringing your tent? ;)


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