Tuesday 8 June 2010

Two girls

We had a celebration brunch on the weekend for my in-laws - their 50th wedding anniversary is Friday.

It was a lot of fun - especially watching the baby girls play.  Rianna is three weeks older than Hannah - and she is so BIG!
Girls under the table.
They followed each other back and forth.
"Want to head down the ramp?"  "Sure!"
Who's going to be first?
Got to check out those boys playing ball outside!
Back in the kitchen.  Rianna is walking, as you can see.
It was fun to watch the girls play.

And the boys.  :)  That was quite a ball game going on outside.


  1. Fun!

    Nice Hannah has little cousins on both sides.

  2. The cheeks. They need to be MUSHED.

  3. Awwww, such sweet little girls playing together!! (And I noticed Hannah still has her toenails painted - HA HA!) Love it! :-)


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