Tuesday 1 June 2010

More campin' cousins

We had lots more fun with more camping visitors on the weekend!

Sitting in the shade...

Playing in the creek...

Finding frogs...

And watching them jump!

Jeff let the kids take turns shooting a box.

They even started to shoot 'army style'.  :D

Ava got a turn, too.

Baby Nana doesn't want them to go home.

Come back soon!


  1. I wanna go camping...not because I need points though (I have *one million* points...don't I, Adeena? XD), just because Adeena and Jeff are calling to me with their awesomeness. Kittens...BB guns...Campfires...Camp...waaaagh!

    I swear, I'm going to bike up this weekend if nothing else.

  2. I want to see Linda BIKE to Creekside! Who's in?

    BB's are fun. I've never shot on one knee though. :)

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! Great pictures! :D

  4. I will help you bike up just let me know when you leave;)


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