Saturday 29 May 2010

So goooood...

Last night was my sister's 30th birthday wine tasting partay!  :D

I had to make something delicious.  

I love me some PW's jalapeno poppers... but, sadly, I no longer can have dairy.  *pout*  So, I came up with something that I think is equally yummy.

So, we have jalapenos, Chorizo sausage, dates and bacon.

I took the sausage out of the casing.

Cut the dates in half, the bacon in thirds.

Half the jalapenos, and remove the seeds.  (Use gloves!!  Seriously!)

Fill the jalapeno half with sausage, stick on two date halves, and wrap with bacon.

Bake on a cookie sheet on racks at 375º F for about 25 minutes.

The house will smell so amazing.  


They are SO.  GOOD.

I'll definitely be making these again and again.  ;)

And they are gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free, dairy-free!  :D


And just so you know, my baby girl was 10 months yesterday.  O.o

She can clap now.  

Don't you just love them chunky thighs??



  1. Aww, you got a good smile out of her! :D Adorable.

    I WILL hear her clap. Little bum.

    And those things were delicious. Yummmmm....I should have taken more and been more greedy. But then I would have felt bad. But only a little.

  2. Those jalapeno poppers were six different kinds of awesome. They ROCKED.

    Also, I got to hear Hannah clap. And I am so happy I did! :D It is super, super cute.

  3. The poppers were delicious.

    And so are the chunky thighs.

  4. So cute. So yummy. You need to come over more.


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