Tuesday 4 May 2010

Makin' Chocolate cake.

With so many food allergies/intolerance's in our house, it makes finding a recipe everyone can eat somewhat difficult.

Lately we've been enjoying recipes from Elana's Gluten-Free Almond Flour cookbook.

(Yes, you need to buy it and try them.   ;)

This time, it was Chocolate Cake.

Here's the ingredients.

Baby Nana was very, very grumpy.  Why should she be happy since she can't yet eat almonds, chocolate and egg whites??

Biggest brother to the rescue!  Happy to go outside while my kitchen helper and I make cake.

First, the almond flour.

Next, the cocoa.

Baking soda.

Imagine the salt.  ;)

Agave nectar.

Farm fresh eggs.  :)

Imagine the vanilla.

And now, the mixing.  (And yes, I know I'm bad.  I *never* use a bowl for wet and a bowl for dry.  That's an extra dirty bowl.  One bowl all the way.  ;)

Pour into greased cake pan.

Repeat process for second cake.

Ready to bake!

When cool, make sure young, hungry child doesn't sneak a taste.  Frost bottom layer with 7 Minute Frosting.

Place top layer on.

Frost whole cake - use ALL frosting in bowl.  (Can't waste the sugary goodness.)


The results?

Good.  It was a little dry, but that could be because I halved the amount of agave the recipe called for.  (I always cut the sugar in half in cake recipes.)  Also, I was busy with the baby while it was cooking, so I let it go for the recommended baking time in the book without checking to see if it was done sooner.

I'll just have to give it another try.



  1. LOL! Poor things! Having to make more cake?? :(


  2. Wow. It may have been dry, but it LOOKS amazing!

    And may I just say, awesome food post. I think you're going to be the next PW!

  3. Haha! Linda's comment killed me a little bit. :D

    It's SOO sad that you have to make more cake. Just such a shame... :(

    That cake looks awesome. So when are you inviting me over for cake? ;)

  4. You + cake = come over with cake.

  5. Yes! The best beautiful brown eggs ever!


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