Tuesday 18 May 2010

It's almost time!

It's been beautiful weather here for the last few days!

So, we pulled them up, to clean them out and get them ready.

Hubby and kids were so excited, they couldn't wait... had to test it out last night.

Lonely Creekside, waiting for summer fun.

The plan was to haul the trailers down this week, for May 2-4!  Our first 'official' camping weekend of the year.

I say was... because of this:

The previous forecasts have been for sunshine all weekend.  And now... not so much.  :(

So, our first camping weekend might have to be postponed.

Our outside buddy is sad, too.



  1. Oh well I guess it more yard camping!

  2. Oh man... that bear still kills me every time I see him! XD

    Awww, bad rain. Stinky rain. Rain go away. :(

  3. It might go away. You just don't know...

  4. I am aware that this is totally selfish of me, but I'm kinda glad that you can't camp. Because I have to be away. And I want to be there for the first camping!!

    I'm horrible, I know.

  5. So it's all about Heather! She can even make it rain so we can't camp with out here. Next we will not be able to camp because she has no one to look after her chickens! ;) ;)

  6. Aw. :( We're coming camping when there's no rain. Mike's schedule will allow it.


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