Tuesday 25 May 2010

First campfire!

We had our first campfire of the year on Sunday night.  Yay for warm, beautiful weather!

We have a new campfire buddy - Joe made the trek down the hill.

Becky thought her big, blue eyes were hilarious.  ;)

Then, of course, the rest of them got into it.

This one is especially for Aunt Heather - camping chair guns!!  :D

See our pretty fire ring?  It stays cool, so the babies don't burn themselves if they touch it, it still leaves room for a grill on top, AND it has deer cutouts on it!  :D

The only bad thing about it is the creepy deer eyes in the dark..  they're watching you... they see your every move.

Now you're going to dream about scary deer, aren't you?  >:}


  1. The first fire was a lot of fun hopefully there will be a lot more with more camping buddy's

  2. Those are pretty scary deer... and I did see a couple deer run by my house last week... they found me!!!!!! :o

    I'm coming up tonight! :D After supper I want to come camping. I've never stayed overnight before, so tonight I will! Without Tyler. :( He's working. :(

    But Deklan will be there! :D

  3. Hurray for first fires! We beat you by a couple days because Mike decided to get rid of the stump in the back. Was fun.

  4. Scary deer eyes!

    Nice chair guns. Looks like fun.

  5. Awesome.

    I love campfires.
    Can't wait to have one... hasn't happened yet.
    But soon. Soon.


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