Tuesday 20 April 2010

This is Bo.

Bo is the third outdoor cat that showed up last fall.  Bo is not friendly, like Joe and Flo.  Justin has petted him a few times, when he's feeding them... but overall, Bo is not a people fan.

The other day, I put out a roasting pan so the cats could lick up all the bits.

Flo was there.

And, I noticed Bo.  Watching from the shed.  So, I went back into the house, and watched through the door.

Mmmmm... that smells good.

Is it safe to come over?

Will Flo let me have some?

Flo is in a sharing mood.

Yikes!  The door is opening!

Pretty eyes, don't you think?


  1. He's very pretty. Too bad he's not a friendly. Like Tippy, she was aloof most of the time.

  2. Bo's cute.

    I love grey cats with green eyes.

    Is Bo the Daddy to Flo's babies?

  3. Well, *I* think Joe's the father... because one time when I went outside, and Flo was rolling around in the snow with Joe beside her. ;)

    But who knows.

  4. I love how you've organized your blog roll!!

    So smart are you.


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