Saturday 17 April 2010

Sad baby

Hannah is teething.  Three uppers at once.

Makes for a grumpy girlie sometimes.

Look at this pathetic face.

Slightly appeased by her dolly.  She loves her dolly right now.

Then Becky starts playing peek-a-boo with her dolly.

Yay!  This is fun!  Happy, happy girls!

Kisses for her baby.

Whoops, hair in the mouth.  Not a fan.

Sad baby is back.

Until she's close enough to grab the camera...



  1. Awwww, poor Hannah! And poor Mommy! Hard to do anything, including sleep, with a sad, teething baby.
    Hopefully they come in fast, and she get's over this. What's with three at ONCE? Silly baby.

  2. Aww! Poor Hannah!

    Deklan understands what she's going through right now.... well, he doesn't have THREE coming in at once, but he does have two.

    Poor baby Banana!

    SUCH cute pictures. I especially love the one of her reaching for the camera, it's so cute! :D Deklan does the same thing!

  3. Poor sad babies who just don't know WHY they're miserable.

    Big sisters rock.

  4. Can anyone tell the difference between the Baby-dolly and the Baby-dolly? I mean, seriously!


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