Tuesday 6 April 2010

Meet Flo.

You all know Joe.  Our shed kitty.

Well, we actually have three shed kitties.  Joe, Flo and Bo.  ;)

This is Flo.

Flo is extra big right now.  Her belly squirms.

 She loves attention.

Any bets on how many are in there?  Or what colour they will be?

Anybody want a kitten?


  1. I love kittens.

    You know what this means? It means I can't come and visit you until they are old, ugly cats, because otherwise I will go home with full pockets. XD

  2. Well you know...

    kittens in the grass... kittens in the flowers... kittens with their big eyes and adorable faces...

    I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of them. ;) I might even have to bring them down so you can see then irl. :D

    And, if there's a black and white one... well, you know you'll have to keep it. ;)

  3. Mike says no. I say gimme gimme!

  4. This settles it, Adeena will be the crazy cat lady.

  5. If there's a black and white one...don't tempt me! XD

  6. We need an all Grey one, and an all Orange one.

  7. So, that means if there's a black and white one, a grey one and an orange one... you're getting three kitties. :D


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