Thursday 4 March 2010

You Capture - Hopeful

This week's challenge at ishouldbefoldinglaundry is hopeful.  I didn't really have any pictures that I thought would qualify as "hopeful"... until this afternoon.  :)

You've heard about our outdoor cat Joe before.  Here he is, very hopeful that he can get inside before the door shuts.

It's been an absolutely beautiful, sunshiny day today.  And, both Peter (the cat) and Chester (the dog) were very hopeful that the door would open so they could go ... outside.

But alas, I did not let them.

Because Brown Boy was very hopeful...

... that he could hit the box with the BB gun.  :)  (He didn't, in case you wanted to know.  The only one who could hit it - other than Daddy - was the Stick Man!)

And finally, this picture - which is also my new header - makes ME hopeful... for spring!  Do you see it?  Click on the picture to enlarge it!

Yes!  It's a Canada goose!  Scoping out the creek.  We always get a few geese back... in the spring.  So, I think this means that spring is officially on it's way!  Hurray!

Now that you've seen my hopeful pictures, go check out the others in the challenge.  :)



  1. I love your animals and their hope !

  2. I LOVE your new header. I meant to comment when you changed it, but I don't think I did.

    So I'm telling you now.

    I think it's hilarious that E was the only one to hit the box other than Dad!!

    And the pic of Chester and Peter is cute.

  3. The animal pictures are so funny! I can't wait for spring too.

  4. Great photos! I have one of a cat wanting in as well :-)

  5. Wonderful photos! Love the pets trying to get out, while all poor Joe wants to do is get in.

  6. I love the new header, too. I don't know what your old header looked like, but as soon as I clicked on your page and saw the header I thought, "Well, I don't have to scroll any further. This is as hopeful as it gets!" I like all of the pics, but that one is grand.


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