Tuesday 9 March 2010

A new trick!

Auntie Sarah, Uncle Tyler, and our favourite baby Ducky stopped by the other day.  We had a great visit!

One of the reasons was... Uncle Tyler's Olympics.  It was Uncle Tyler's rules.  They didn't necessarily make any sense, but the rules were the rules.  ;)

I'm sure you've seen the colourful little squares we have on our floor.  Makes it a little softer for baby Nana when she falls over on her head.  ;)  Well, Uncle Tyler decided that it would be a fun competition to move the edges around to different colours.

It was pretty serious.  Timed and everything.

And baby Nana was watching.  And taking notes, it seems.  ;)

Oh... there, she found the edge.

Up... up...


...she's got it off!

So happy with herself.

See Tyler?  You've created a monster.  :P


  1. Bwahahahaha!! XD

    That's so cute. What a little smartiepants!

    By the way, it's Ducky with a Y, not ie. Had to give Mom and Heather crap about that, too. ;)

    I have that outfit she's wearing in blue! It's so cute! The little frosty penguins... aww.

  2. She's all like "this is serios bizness."

    Monster Hannah is still pretty cute.

  3. @Sarah - I fixed it. ;) I knew that, too. I remember the big discussion we had about it. Blame in on a brain fart. :P

  4. I don't remember at all being given crap over the spelling of Ducky. Nor the conversation. Are you sure I was there?

    And, cute monster Hannah. I love how intense she is.

  5. Aha! It was you, not Heather! XD

    Sorry, Heather.. I had a brain fart, too. Bleh.

  6. Totally okay.
    I was just like, "Am I crazy? How far has this Mad Cow progressed?"

  7. Very smart. Amazing what they remember.


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