Thursday 4 February 2010

You Capture - Faces

I’ve been following this great blog for awhile, and every week, there’s a photo challenge.  I’ve never entered before, but I happen to have some pics I love that fit this week’s theme… which is, faces!  :D

And, you all know that I happen to love this face:

Blog 1

And, these two faces together.

Blog 2
This happy birthday face.
Blog 3 
This toothless face.

Blog 4 
This out-in-the-snow face.


I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at some of the faces that I love.  :)  You can check out more at ishouldbefoldinglaundry.



  1. Great pictures of some adorable kids! That first one made me smile so big my husband asked what I was looking at. Thanks for sharing.

  2. They're all great, but that second one is super sweet!

  3. all great faces! of course, i'm a sucker for babies so those are the ones i like best :)

    i have a face shot posted, too. feel free to come over and visit anytime :)

  4. Adorable! ANd they all have some BIG BLUE eyes that anyone could get lost in. Beautiful children!


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