Friday 12 February 2010

Update on Phase 1

Our oldest had a severe cross bite.  I say had, because he doesn't anymore!  :D

Last June:

Blog 4 
With his new braces:

Blog 3

And... NOW!!  See how his upper teeth aren't inside his bottom teeth anymore??  Yay!  :D

Blog 5

And, it's all thanks to his mouth of metal.  New appliance last June:

Blog 2
I had to turn that thing every day.  See the arrows?  There's a teeny hole in there, and I had a special tool that fit in, and it slowly pushed his palate apart.  We did that for a month.  Then, we stopped.  And for the last few months, we've been letting the appliance stay in, to keep his palate in the new position.

Until this week.

Blog 4 

He is SUCH a happy kid!!  No more appliance!  :D  He can't wait to eat rice.  ;)  It used to get stuck under the appliance, and drive him crazy... but no more!  And look at the new space in between his teeth!  Lots of room for the adult molars to come in.  Hurray!  :D  (And on a side note...  how much has his face grown up in only 8 months??  Seriously!!)


  1. His face is WAY more grown up. Seriously!

    Nice...mmmrice. :D

  2. He's getting so old!!! Augh!

    But he's adorable and I'm so glad he can eat rice now! :D

  3. Wow. That's a big Justin mouth.

    I'm so glad he has less metal in his mouth.

    And he really has changed. He's turning into a MAN!


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