Tuesday 19 January 2010

Week 3 - We are Family!

I have a big family. No, really. I am the oldest of 12. (Aka, the Leader of the Thundering Herd. And now you know what that means. ;)

It's really hard to get everyone together to take a picture. Maybe this summer we'll get it done.

So, here are ... 24 out of a possible ... 37! (Yes, I had to take a moment to count. ;)

And now, take the time to check out some other great family pictures at i♥faces!


  1. That's awesome! It turned out so well! I love how diverse all the expressions are... even the nosepickers are at different levels of nosepicking! :D

    I can tell what noise Deklan was making by the expression on his face! WRAR! :D

  2. Matthew's face is pretty much priceless.

    Also, the two-fingered picking actions is pretty awesome.

    Why didn't anyone call me for this picture? :(

    Looks great though. I mean, as great as it can while certain persons are missing. ;)

  3. Yes. You need to be in it. In between Jay and Jeff. ;)

    That would've made it perfect. :D


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