Wednesday 13 January 2010

So big.

Hannah is such a pro at sitting now. She loves sitting up, and grabbing toys all by herself!

Especially the number 4. It's her favourite.

We're not sure why. But she always picks it out of the pile. (Can you see her tooth buds? I can feel them getting closer to the surface.)

And when you can't reach your number 4, socks are always good.

I love her eyes. They're so blue!

Gotta love her freshly-washed hair sticking up, too! :D

And, in case you're wondering, she DOES love kisses! :D


  1. Deklan and Hannah will someday have to duke it out to own the "bluest eyes" rights! Holy!

    She is so stinking cute. And sitting up so well!!! She's so smart!

  2. I love the hair.

    And, of course she loves kisses!!
    She gets so many.

    Who can help it?

  3. Those teeth are right there eh? Does she bite??

  4. Tell her that Auntie Linda is typing in ALL CAPS because SHE MEANS BIZNESS.

    *shakes finger*


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