Thursday 3 December 2009

What a difference...

We still, as of right now, do not have any snow. It's December, people. It's so odd to not have any snow at all.

This was last year - Nov. 22, 2008 to be exact.

You can barely see poor Chester as he *hops* through the snow. It was pretty hilarious, actually. ;)

Look at the snow on the little shed roof! Craziness!

The kids had a pile of fun making snowmen.

And now, this year. Nov. 28, 2009.


But, this was the day that I took multiple shots of amazing sun flare! :D

"They" say that the snow is coming. It's on it's way, even. I hope so. I much prefer a White Christmas. :)

(And, as an added bonus, snow keeps my hubby working. Bring it on!)


  1. Too true! It's December now, and I am SO ready for snow to get here! Can't have a green Christmas, it just ain't right!

    Plus, I decorated for Christmas today, so that makes me feel more ready. :D

  2. Ha. I'm sure you'll get some soon. It seems to be a cold year. We were threatened with some this weekend but to no avail. I, however, am not ready for it. I haven't sorted through who needs new clothes and boots yet. Usually, however, snow comes after Christmas here. Nonetheless, I better get right on that.



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