Sunday 6 December 2009

Help me choose!

The upcoming challenge at i♥faces is "Sweet Dreams". I have a few pictures that I think are really cute! Which one do you think I should enter?

Hannah was cooperating really nicely last night ;) so most of them are of her. You can click on any picture to enlarge them to get a better look.

Okay, so here we go:



or a sleepy little man... #6
Which is your favourite? Please vote in the comments, and help me choose! :D


  1. I like # 4, the angle is good and her face is so sweet!

    Number 4! Number 4! Number 4! :D

  2. I like Michael and his double chin

    #6 #6 #6

  3. #2 #4 thats all

  4. I agree... I like the great angle of #4. They're all nice, but the fourth one wins.

  5. I like Number 4 of the Hannah ones, but I also like Michael man.

  6. Well, once I had uploaded them, and looked at them on the blog...

    #4 was my favourite. :)

    So, that's the one I'm using! Thanks for your opinions! :D


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